Free PUBG Legendary Items | VPN Tricks

VPN secret method to get legendary items free on PUBG Mobile. Today I am going to tell you the best VPN app to get premium and legendary items absolutely free. Using Vpn, You can get free legendary AKM skin, M16 skin and many more.

VPN Secret Method to Get Legendary Items Free !PUBG Mobile

What is VPN And How It Works

VPN is a virtual private network which used to open any blocked server. The VPN service is used mostly by online traders, organizations, government agencies and people who do online business. So that you could save your data from the hacker through the Vpn network. Virtual Private Network secures all types of data whether the data is relevant or not. VPN can be used to secure data using both computer and mobile. It can transfer data to you anywhere without hacking. 

If you have lots of crate coupons then use the VPN app because you have 99.9% chances to get legendary items. You can use the VPN network and server to open the premium crate. You can also get a lot of classic coupons. 

Best VPN Apps

Here is the best free VPN App for Android and IOS:

1) Hotspot Shield VPN 

Download Hotspot Shield VPN on Android ↗
Download Hotspot Shield VPN on IOS↗

VPN Secret Method to Get Legendary Items Free !PUBG Mobile

Note: Hotspot Shield VPN app is paid so if you want to download without paying money then search google: "Hotspot Shield VPN Premium " and download it.

Best Location to Open Crate

Here are the best Location/servers to open crate:


Step to Step Process 

  1. Open PUBG Mobile and dismantle clothes (Not Necessary but try it)
  2. Close PUBG Mobile and Clear app cache
  3. Open VPN APP and connect the server which includes above ⬆⬆⬆ 
  4. After that, Open the PUBG Mobile and Open crates one by one
  5. If you did not get any legendary items, you can change the server and try again

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